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    October 5, 2017
    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Its one of the most common diagnosis that your doctor can give you for digestive and gut problems. Up to one in ten people suffer from IBS in Ireland.

Finn Murray from The Hopsack hosts an evening of discussion on why it’s not a diagnosis at all, what it actually is or might be, and how to handle it in a real life way.

In this talk, we intend to take a deep dive into unique and fascinating world of our guts, stopping along the way to look at many of the potential issues that lead to the underwhelming and often unhelpful “diagnosis” of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  Learn why this is no more than a description of symptoms, how to analyse and understand your body’s own triggers and how to change your diet and lifestyle to overcome this debilitating condition.   




Finn Murray is owner of The Hopsack, a second generation healthfood store in Rathmines, Dublin, that has carved a path for the last 38 years bringing sound health advice to its local community.  Finn is a knowledgable and passionate natural health advocate, and enjoys sharing his insight on many health conditions gleaned over years of experience in helping the public manage and support their health and that of their families.

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