• the gut
    October 7, 2017
    11:00 am - 4:00 pm


80% of serotonin is produced in the gut. This is a fact. So many of our physical and mental problems are being linked back to healthy gut function and the most obvious cause and effect in all of this is diet.

Happiness is in the gut and one key way to release that is a healthy digestive system.

The Gut day, which focuses on the micro biome, healthy gut functioning and fermented foods will be staggered over three sections – a workshop in the morning on fermented foods, a probiotic health focused lunch and an afternoon of talks and discussion on the micro biome and how to analyse and test for bacteria in the gut.


This event is hosted by Aisling Rogerson, owner of The Fumbally, in collaboration with Dearbhla Reynolds of The Cultured Club, Belfast. Dearbhla and Aisling will lead the morning workshop on fermented foods and prepare the lunch together. They will then guide the afternoon discussions with contributions from Chris Allen from Queens University Belfast and Heather Leeson, nutritionist, Glenville Nutrition.

This workshop is most suitable for those who already have a basic knowledge of fermented foods, however, if you really want to know more about the area, but don’t have this grounding then don’t let this put you off. You can brush up on a couple of the basics before coming:

the invisible universe of the micro biome
microbes and our bodies
wild fermentation

Please bring a jar (250ml – 500ml) with you for the morning workshop as we will be making some ferments together that you will get to take home. There will be a limited number of jars on sale on the day for those who can’t get their hands on one.



DEARBHLA REYNOLDS is a cross between an old-school pharmacist (her paternal influence) and a home economics teacher (her maternal influence), so it was a natural evolution for her to step into the role of a fermentation revivalist.

She founded The Cultured Club in 2012 as an invitation for those to come and learn about this forgotten skill, as opposed to being forced to eat some kraut in her kitchen. She has developed a range of courses teaching fermentation skills, collaborating with the Michelin star winning OX restaurant in Belfast and Domini Kemp’s Alchemy, among others.



HEATHER LEESON is founder and director of Glenville Nutrition Ireland.  She has been using functional testing in her Nutritional Therapy practice over the last 12 years to identify some of the different bacteria, yeasts and parasites present in the gut.  She will be giving examples of how changing your microbiota can support your gut and your health and sharing her knowledge on getting the balance right.




CHRIS ALLEN is a microbiologist from Queens University Belfast. He concentrates his work in understanding the complex relationships between microorganisms degrading aromatic compounds – under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions – in the environment.

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