• Soil and the Future of Farming
    October 24, 2017
    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Lets talk about soil.

We need to create a deeper understanding about our soils in order to regenerate our own health and the health of the planet.

This event will discuss the role that agriculture plays in climates change and how it is the largest contributor to our carbon emissions in Ireland. More importantly though, we will discuss how agriculture can have the greatest impact in combating climate change by changing the way we manage our soils.

Dave Beecher will delve into soil biological life, bringing soil micro organisms to life through video and photo’s taken with a light microscope. Discussing their roles and how they work together to form a community that create this vibrant material called humus.

He will show you what conventional agriculture is doing to our communities, how cultivation, fertilizers and chemical sprays impact us, and how the nutritional quality of food and our own health are affected.

With consumers wanting cheaper and cheaper food every day and our current commercial driven economic models, the issues surrounding farming are not easily solved. However, we will talk about some solutions to these problems by highlighting positive examples that are happening in Ireland and around the world. 


This is a free event, but if you feel like contributing towards the EAT:ITH Series a donation of €2-5 (or whatever you feel) would be much appreciated. Donations help ensure that this and other EAT : ITH events continue.





Dave grew up on his Grandmother’s dairy farm in Co. Cork, Ireland, which later became a suckler herd.  After a career in structural engineering, spanning Ireland, Australia and Canada, he spent a year working in International Disaster Relief during which he realised that he wanted to address the issues at a causal rather than symptomatic level so returned to Ireland to immerse himself back in agriculture. He takes a regenerative approach to mitigate both carbon emissions and the impact of climate change as well as addressing general human and environmental health.


Dave is inspired by the potential of biological farming and the way we can leverage understanding of connections between soil health, nutrient dense food, and human health to address the critical challenges with which we are faced – from Climate Change to Human Health






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