• How to buy fish
    September 20, 2017
    7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


How many of us know which fish to be buying and when?
How to tell whether it is fresh or not?
Where it has come from and how to read the fish source code label?

With meat we can easily determine its origin and therefore how it has been reared, but with fish it is not so clear cut. Fish caught in the ocean are wild, which makes us hunters of a depleting stock. Farming gives us more control but at what cost? We all want that fish that’s straight off the boat, still wriggling as we slather it in oil and herbs and lash it on the bbq. But unless you are lucky enough to be buying directly from the fisherman on the pier, this just simply can’t be the case.

Nicholas Lynch of Nicks Fish will teach you about which questions you should be asking your fishmonger, in order to get the best possible quality and freshness, and also about which fish you should be choosing in the first place, what is sustainable and how to be a wise and considerate consumer.


This is a free event, but if you feel like contributing towards the EAT:ITH Series a donation of €2-5 (or whatever you feel) would be much appreciated. Donations help ensure that this and other EAT : ITH events remain free.





NICHOLAS LYNCH opened his first fishmongers in 1984. Prior to that he worked on boats off our Coastline for five years. He supports a sustainable approach to fishing Irish and International waters and speaks passionately about the future of the Irish Fisheries. Nick’s Fish is well known as one of Ireland’s most considerate and quality-consistent fishmongers and was voted Ireland’s best Fishmongers in 2016.





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