BYOF: bring your own ferment

  • BYOF
    October 28, 2017
    5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


A pot luck dinner for home fermenters and enthusiasts.

Getting together and talking about the food we make is such an important part of building a culture and a community. And the fermentation community in Dublin is no exception.

So, if you’ve been burping jars at home for years and want to meet others doing the same, or if you’ve just simply started to make your first sauerkraut and want to taste more flavours and fizzes, thi evening gathering will be a relaxed pot luck style dinner where you are free to roam around, try different foods and drinks and talk to the people who have made them.

There will of course be some ferments from The Fumbally kitchen that we will provide for you to try also.


Any dish, crock, bottle or jar of fermented food or drinks that you find interesting – remember that it will be shared, you don’t need to bring 3kg of the stuff, but do bring enough to share with a few people. Keep them in the containers they were fermented in, as this can be a starting point for conversation on storing fermented foods.



*the ticket price for this event is to cover the cost of cleaning and overheads for the building. Should you wish to simply turn up and pay a small donation on the day that is totally fine.



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