EAT:ITH 2019 – Environmental & Ethical Decision making for Irish Food Businesses


After lots of chats, a couple of arguments (duly resolved) and a bit of letting go, we have come to the conclusion that our annual events and workshop series will not happen this year as it normally does. A little pause to take stock of some of the other projects that we are working on at the moment and to change our personal work rhythms a bit.
The Autumn Series started five years ago, it was renamed EAT:ITH three years ago and it has always been a mish-mash of four weeks of events, workshops, talks, tastings and connections throughout September and October. A phenomenally rewarding, inspiring and exhausting endeavour. That needs to take a break this year and be something else for a moment.
This year EAT:ITH is going to be one event only.
It’s going to be industry focused and not open to the general public.
Its going to be for us rather than for you (sorry).


But its going to be for us to make sure we are still here doing what we do and feeding you good food in years to come. Climate change is real and our global and local food chains are about to undergo some drastic changes. We want to be a business that does the right thing in the face of climate change and we know so many others that do too. But what is the right thing? How much conflicting information is there out there and how hard is it to make a change when everyone else around you is still ‘business as usual’. This one day workshop that we are planning will be for conscious food business owners to come together and figure out some solutions that can benefit us all.

The event will take place on Monday October 21st at The Fumbally Stables.


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