We’ve known Tom for nearly ten years.

When we first met, The Fumbally was not even an embryo of existence, we were still trading as La Bella Pizzella selling an old Italian style fried dough at music festivals. We had food and he had art. And one was exchanged for the other.

Tom Campbell has since become one of Ireland’s (never mind he’s Scottish) best kept secrets in terms of his prolific portraiture and painting. His utterly accessible style and openness to the artistic process is a refreshing antidote to the often times rigidity of the contemporary art scene.

We will be handing over the Fumbally Café to Tom for a day on Monday 1st Oct for him to do what he wishes.

He tells us that he will exhibit some of his sculpture and painting work and treat us to a performance at around 3pm. There will be a sandwich collaboration of some sort and the coffee machine will be on all day.

He will also be taking up residence in the café on Friday and Saturday prior to the exhibition to draw portraits, which you are welcome to come and sit for. These will be exhibited and for sale on Monday 1st.

In fact most of his work will be for sale.

He needs to make it to Japan.




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