We’re super excited about the lovely people who will be flying in from all over Europe for the panel discussion on the future of coffee roasting.

OCT 4th


Stephen Houston, Head Roaster for Bailies Coffee Belfast, has been working in specialty coffee for just over 4 years exclusively as a roaster. “I love being part of it from the start, I am still young in this industry, with still a lot to learn, it’s a fascinating and complex industry and I’m very lucky to be part of it. I am a member of the Coffee Roasters Guild membership committee, this is another way I hope to learn and grown our world wide coffee roasting community.”
He is also a keen coffee competitor, having won the IBrC last year and placing 3rd this year.

Peter Ebdrup lives in Copenhagen and has worked for The Coffee Collective for the last 7 years. During that time he has occupied several different positions within roasting, but is now working as a start-up manager where he is responsible for getting new shops up and running. Furthermore, he is in charge of the company’s Direct Trade relations in Colombia, which makes him part of the green bean buying and QC side of the company as well.

Per Nordby started to work in coffee in the year 2000. First as a barista and cafe manager, then a roaster. Now he runs Kafferostare Per Nordby – a speciality coffee roastery in Göteborg, Sweden. “I love tasty coffee and want you to enjoy every single cup of it too. When I started Kafferostare Per Nordby in 2013 I had a clear goal: To source, roast and share the best coffee I could, and never cut back on quality. The two things I enjoy most in my work is the trade and the taste, because together they can tell a story about the coffee and where its from.”

Bara fell in love with specialty coffee a million years ago (it feels like that, at least). Her start into the industry was an all time classic starting to work barista shifts in a café in Prague. Getting inspired and motivated to learn more and to dive deeper into the coffee cosmos Bara decided to move on to Dublin, Ireland to work there with the lovely people of Roasted Brown. And again it seemed good to move on when she was approached by Berlin based Five Elephants to learn about roasting. As there was still so much more to learn and understand (something which might never change though) she bravely hopped on a plane to Brazil to do farmers work to really experience the origin finding herself with scratched arms and a sore back in the coffee fields of the Sao Paulo region. Bara then moved on to New Zealand to check on how coffee is made if the water runs anti-clockwise and finally went back to Berlin finding a new harbour at 19grams, where she now works on pushing the coffee quality a little bit closer to the edge.

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