Week Two: a visual diary from artist in residence Rosemary Liss

An early morning in Clare: sourdough toast, lemon balm tea picked outside the door, deep breathing and post sauna feels.


Spent the evening enjoying this forager’s bounty from gruel guerrilla and Meet Me in the Morning’s chef Kevin Powell.


A proper fry up: when a sommelier and a barista take you out to breakfast you go to Geri’s.


To bench
a verb
to enjoy drinks outside on a bench with good company


Cabbage environmental: who needs a walk-in when storage can be a constant shifting still life?


Urine, saliva, vaginal fluid, wine on ph test strip with tile and thrift store pillow case. Something’s gotta give.


Bacteria drawings for Ailbhe’s upcoming Fermenated Beverages workshop.


Friday was Culture Night a once a year event where over three thousand public spaces and venues open their doors. I opened my studio door and spent the evening painting and talking about my work and my residency at the Stables.


Culturing on Culture Night: Aisling led a group kraut making session for all of Dublin to bring their bacteria into the Fumbally and onto the cabbage.


Aisling and I visited Tog a hacker space in Dublin 8 and learned about vibration and sound travel through our teeth.


Layering of textures a cabbage leaf as big as my head peaks out from a dehydrated mother.


Waited all week to taste this sweet treat from the increadible humans of Sceal Bakery. They make bread fun again through the microbial power of fermentation. This croissant still reaps the rewards of fermentation on your tongue and out your bum!


Spent my Sunday on Botanical pathways.


Like with like.


Inspiration from the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland. Maeve O’Donell’s: “Blanket for the Ground” is comprised of fallen leaves, drift wood and other detritus.


A continuation of building up and tearing down as paintings and objects meet somewhere in the middle.
Check back next week for my final blog post and for images of my install in the Long Room. Thanks again for taking a look.


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