DEBATE: Starting From Scratch or Building On Tradition… Where is Irish Food Culture Today?

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  • With relish debate
    September 26, 2017
    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


This Year’s debate is hosted by Harry Colley and Aoife Allen from With Relish Podcast and will be recorded live as part of the Dublin Podcast Festival.


The Irish food scene is booming today yet as a nation we are not considered to have a rich food history and culture. This debate will explore whether Irish food is at year zero or if a rich, complex but mostly unrecognised food culture has existed and developed over millennia.


Participants to be announced very soon….


This is a free event, but if you feel like contributing towards the EAT:ITH Series a donation of €2-5 (or whatever you feel) would be much appreciated. Donations help ensure that this and other EAT : ITH events remain free.






Harry Colley and Aoife Allen are two Fumbally chefs who love to talk about food as much as cooking it. Both are intrepid travellers who bring home inspiration from abroad and apply it to their cooking through local Irish ingredients. They developed the With Relish Podcast in May 2017 with the Headstuff Podcast Network